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Private Investigator Asia | Orphanage Adoption Fraud Case Study

Requested Private Investigation Service(s): Verify Cambodian Government Documents (Cambodian Birth Certificate); Find Missing People / Locate Birth Parents in Cambodia; Public-Private Sector Liaison Assistance in Cambodia (Phnom Penh); Investigate Adoption Fraud / Orphanage Scam Investigation (Phnom Penh); Client: A married couple from Asia (non-Khmer), both with Cambodian residency Subject 1: Victim’s parents, home village for […]

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Khmer Con Woman from Kampong Cham

UPDATE 2/14/2018: Ms. Sat's criminal associate, the Ponzi scheme & online romance scam operator, Robert Schmalohr, was reported to have been deported by Cambodian law enforcement in cooperation with the German government. Visiting German police were seen escorting Schmalohr through Phnom Penh International Airport and on the return flight to his native Germany where he faces [...]