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Khmer Con Woman from Kampong Cham

UPDATE 2/14/2018: Ms. Sat's criminal associate, pyramid scheme & online romance scam operator, Robert Schmalohr, was reported to have been arrested by Cambodian law enforcement before being allowed to return to Germany to face 300+ criminal complaint charges against him and his myriad of online portals and fake businesses. Khmer Con Woman from Kampong ChamWanted: [...]
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What happens in Sinville, stays in…

CASE STUDY: DISPATCH LOGISTICSPrivate Investigator Sihanoukville Just joking. What you do in Sihanoukville just might come back to haunt you. Or at least if one of our surveillance experts are around, and you're up to something that you know you shouldn't. While Phnom Penh Investigations (PPI) started out of the capital in 2012, by 2013 [...]